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Knowledgebase: Android OS
Scanning Barcodes with Android Devices
Posted by on 17 October 2013 12:00 PM

Most Android devices are not equipped with a barcode scanner. TracerPlus enables users to utilize the device's built in camera to scan these barcodes. Follow the steps below to enable barcode scanning using the camera:

  1. The field you intend to use should be set to a type of Text.
  2. In the Form Designer, select the field control you wish to enable bar code scanning for.
  3. In the Selected Control Properties to the right, change the Input Type to Barcode.
  4. Deploy the Project to your device.
  5. When focus gets set to this field, the camera will automatically launch in barcode scanning mode.
  6. Place the barcode in the window shown on the device.
  7. You should hear a confirmation beep when successfully decoded (This may vary based on device).

Note: Using the camera for barcode scanning is only recommended for light to moderate use. For high volume scanning, we recommend pairing your device to a Bluetooth enabled 1D or 2D scanner. Contact PTS or your authorized reseller for more information on Bluetooth scanners you can pair with Android devices.

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