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Palm OS

Using TracerPlus on Palm devices and troubleshooting issues.

  • Tracer for Palm User Guide

  • Running Palm Desktop on Windows 7

    To run Palm Desktop on a Windows 7 64-bit machine you will need to download Palm Desktop Version 6.2.   To find that download please follow this page:

  • I turned on my device and my PTS Software is gone

    This can happen if the batteries die or if the handheld is left off of the charger for too long. The Handheld devices have backup memory built in that will last approx 3-5 minutes (some may be longer)...

  • How do I setup TracerPlus to increment on each scan?

    For the field that is going to be the scanned data do the following: Under validation enable Unique in Table. Under After Scan enable AutoFind on Scan and Auto Submit. For the field that will be incre...

  • How do I send my data to my PDA from the PC?

    This can be done by placing a Sxx_data.txt file in the ToPDA folder where xx is the Session number you want the data to go to. The location of this folder is as follows: C:\Program Files\PTS\TracerPlu...

  • Where is my Data transfered to on the PC?

    Your TracerPlus data is transferred to the FromPDA folder located in the following directory: C:\Program Files\PTS\TracerPlus x.y\Data\"Username"\FromPDA where x is the major version number and y is t...

  • How to Deploy multiple PDAs

    TracerPlus can convenienently be configured on 1 PDA and deployed to multiple PDA's at the simple click of a HotSync button. Here are some instructions on how to set this up: Configure TracerPlus on y...

  • How can I copy my session setup from one PDA to another PDA?

    This can be done through a file called TP28-TracerPlus_Sessions.pdb. Here are the steps to accomplish this task: Configure the Session and Field settings of the first PDA to your liking.   Perform a H...

  • TracerPlus Mobile Client Manual - Palm OS

    Click the link below to view the TracerPlus Standard and Professional Manual for Palm OS: