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  • Registration

    How to register your TracerPlus software and troubleshoot any registration issues.

  • Installation

    How to install TracerPlus and troubleshoot any installation issues.

  • Upgrade/ Transfers

    Information on upgrading and transferring your TracerPlus licenses.

  • Android OS

    Using TracerPlus on android devices and troubleshooting issues.

  • Windows OS

    Using TracerPlus on windows device and troubleshooting issues.

  • iOS

    Using TracerPlus on apple devices and troubleshooting issues.

  • RFID

    Learn how to use and troubleshoot mobile RFID on your supported devices.

  • Form Logic

    Form logic rules allow you to customize and "program" interactions between form items and events. Learn how to troublesh

  • Grid Control

    Sort and store values right in your entry form using the Grid Control, and troubleshoot why it's not functioning with th

  • Design Forms

    Design entry forms to your exact specifications with a wide variety of tools. These articles describe tips and tricks to

  • Lookups

    Make your application do all the work! Use lookups to have your application return information based on given values, an

  • Calc

    Use your application to automatically perform mathematical calculations, or parse specific information from data strings

  • Printing

    Utilize mobile printing to print receipts, records, visitor passes, or anything else. Troubleshoot issues with mobile pr

  • Messaging

    Have TracerPlus manually or automatically send email or text message reports in the application. Notify important person

  • Field Settings

    Learn how to leverage the numerous field settings options to ensure your form collects exactly the data you want, and ho

  • PW/ Logins

    Password protect individual sessions, or even your entire project. Make sure that only the correct users have access to

  • Validation

    Utilize validation to make your application less prone to data entry error from your users. Ensure only the correct type

  • External Devices

    Utilize external devices to bolster TracerPlus with their own data-collection abilities. Troubleshoot why they may not b

  • Data Capture

    Make your application work smarter, not harder. Send data to the correct fields depending on the type of data, and cut d

  • Custom SQL

    Support your TracerPlus applications with basic or intricate custom SQL, allowing them to perform even more functions.

  • ODBC

    Creating and modifying ODBC data sources and troubleshooting ODBC issues.

  • WMDC

    Search here for best practices when using Windows Mobile Device Center.

  • RFID

    Information about RFID equipment, readers, and tags.

  • Windows Mobile/CE

    Hardware specific topics for your Windows Mobile/ CE devices including warm and cold boot solutions. As well as, setting

  • Printers

    Information on connecting and setting up your printers.

  • Compliance

    View information on hardware compliance.

  • Services Topics/ Warranty Contracts

    Find information on warranties and getting hardware devices services.

  • BLE Beacons and Devices

    Information about BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacons and Devices, including Eddystone, and iBeacon.