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January 8, 2016 – Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) announced today that the M3 Mobile OX10 UHF RFID mobile terminal successfully completed TracerPlus Validation testing. “M3 customers now have the ability to create mobile UHF RFID applications for virtually any need, without programming,” Paul Johnston, M3 Sales Director for the UK, said of the announcement. “Resellers can also create apps for the OX10 and considerably shorten their sales cycle.”



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RFID Helps Aerospace Factories Manage Small Parts - TracerPlus Featured
Posted by Joseph Kraebel on 26 February 2016 04:02 PM News and Media

Supplier City Solutions' system is designed to help workers easily identify which bins require replenishing, thereby ensuring that no parts run out when needed on the production floor.

February 24, 2016 – Tracking small parts used in aircraft manufacturing is a task that requires effort on the part of both suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that those items, such as fasteners or bolts, never run out when needed. At some factories, parts suppliers dispatch personnel to determine what is in stock, while some aircraft manufacturers have their own employees perform an inventory count. In either case, the process is typically carried out visually, sometimes in conjunction with bar-code scans, though that can be time-consuming and could potentially lead to errors.

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CipherLab USA today announced the adoption of TracerPlus, developed by PTS, as a recommended development tool for CipherLab models RS30 (Android 4.4), 9700, and CP60 Windows data collection terminals.

January 15, 2016 – TracerPlus is an industry leader in mobile data collection, enabling programmers and non-programmers alike to easily build enterprise-class barcode and RFID-enabled applications. Along with expanded compatibility with CipherLab products, the newly released TracerPlus 9.1 features a Publisher Edition that allows users to fully brand and license the applications they develop within the TracerPlus environment.

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